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Once you have booked your event below please click on the Plan Your Visit button below for guidance on the day and check out the menu to make your visit even more memorable. The venue opens an hour and a half before the performance starts to order drinks, food and get comfortable.

Ilyria Theatre Company
Robin Hood

10th September @ 2.30pm

From the earliest ballads of Robin Hood, some pre-dating Chaucer, Illyria has created a fast-moving, fun-packed family show.
While good King Richard is away fighting the crusades, his friend Robert Fitzooth, under the assumed name of Robin Hood, resolves to relieve corrupt landowners of their wealth, to ruin the inept Sheriff of Nottingham and to do all he can to prevent the power-mad Prince John from seizing the throne.
Featuring tales of camaraderie, good against evil, swashbuckling action and riotous comedy, this remains one of Illyria’s most popular ever titles. You’ll definitely laugh, you’ll probably cry – and if you’re not cheering at the archery competition involving the entire audience then you must be dead. We also guarantee you will learn new uses for the phrase “Don’t Do This At Home.”
Running time (approx): 1hr 50mins (inc 20 minute interval)
Suitable for ages 5+ (younger children also welcome!)

Past Events

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Rain or Shine Theatre Company
Shakespeare’s – The Comedy of Errors
The Comedy of Errors

20 August – 2.30pm
Bar & Food from 1pm

Once upon a time, cruel fate decreed that a family should be torn asunder in a violent shipwreck. The mother lost to the waves, the father and one twin and his bondsman one way, and the other twin and his bondsman another…

Years later, in search of their lost family, Antipholus and his bondsman, Dromio, arrive in the port of Ephesus, a city reputedly full of rogues, cheats and sorcerers. Although this is their first visit, merchants greet them as acquaintances, women pursue them as lovers, and everybody knows their names!

Pack your bubbly, chairs and picnics and witness the comical confusion and chaotic capers of Shakespeare’s hilarious masterpiece!

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